Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Water Damaged Floor

A customer had a wax ring failure on their hallway bathroom toilet causing water to damage the flooring and baseboards. Upon removing the laminate flooring, vin... READ MORE

Mold after water damage

This customer had a leaking water pipe, but was not aware of the damage for a few weeks. When they went to move some boxes in their Garage, they were surprised... READ MORE

Smoke / Soot Damage

Smoke / soot damage from a fire to an individuals personal contents happens very frequently. This before and after picture set is an example that illustrates t... READ MORE

Flood behind toilet

These series of photos illustrate a water damage from a broken water line behind a toilet. The water soaked flooring, walls and baseboards throughout most of t... READ MORE

Residential Fire Damage

The owner of this residence had a Kitchen fire which resulted in thick black soot throughout most of their home. These two photos illustrate the in-progress cl... READ MORE

Sewage damage to Kitchen wood flooring

This customer had a sewer line backup into their Kitchen and soak their hardwood flooring over a holiday weekend. They were very concerned about their safety a... READ MORE