Recent Before & After Photos

Mold above drop ceiling

This facility had water damage from a leaking roof which went undetected for a couple months.  Once the property manager found the problem, he knew to call... READ MORE

Rain water flood in crawlspace

This residence experience heavy rainfall which caused their crawlspace to become saturated with excess moisture.  The homeowner was referred to SERVPRO by ... READ MORE

Flooded commercial workshop

This commercial workshop experience heavy rainfall which caused their building to flood with excess contaminated water.  The building owner was r... READ MORE

Mold behind sink in Break Room

This facility had water and mold damage from a leaking sink. Once the property manager was made aware of the problem, he knew to call the professional... READ MORE

Dining Room

This soot covered Dining Room was the result of an arson brush fire that came right up to their back window and burned their patio cover.  This created a t... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Living Room

This customer had a roof leak that allowed water into their wall with two layers of drywall.  They could only see discoloration on their baseboards when th... READ MORE

Upstairs / Downstairs Water Damage

This customer was out of town on vacation and came home to find a disaster.  The upstairs bathroom had a pipe break and the water came through the ceiling ... READ MORE

Smoke Damage in Laundry Room

This customer had an electrical fire in her Laundry Room from excess lint build-up.  The lint caught fire and sent smoke throughout most of the house. &nbs... READ MORE

Electrical Fire

This customer had an electrical fire that almost destroyed their home.  There was thick black soot throughout every area.  The soot was sticky and had... READ MORE

Upstairs Water Damage

This customer had a water supply line break in an upstairs bathroom.  As you can see in the before picture, the water came down through the downstairs ceil... READ MORE